Andrey Polischuk

Personal should be a personal

In this article I describe rules for keeping personal data for yourself.

We send messages by centralized messengers. We post thoughts by centralized blogs or socials. We sync personal photos by centralized clouds.

So we have this generation of people who think using the internet is typing into a box and pushing the send button on one of these centralized services.

Ev Bogue

We trust our data to these services too much. But we don’t know how they use it, and what they will do with it the future.

Centralized services store our photos, contacts, emails. They collect search and purchase history. They track locations we visited and our activities across the all internet. And what is worse is that we share our photos, messages and other personal stuff ourselves.

Previously I was a big fan of clouds, gmail and others. But the last few years I’ve been thinking about data. And I realized that I want to control my stuff. I don’t want allow services and applications use them as they want.

The last few years I began to apply the following rules for keep my data only for me.

Maybe I take this as paranoid. But I think personal data should be a personal. I have nothing to hide, and at the same time I have nothing to show.