Latest tools

Useful apps and tools that I found recently. JavaScript Standard Style, Firefox Focus, and some other.

Sometimes I try to use new tools for experiment. And new are often better for me than old ones. Early I wrote about I started use Vim and still use it.

For the last six months I replaced some my tools with new ones:

  1. JavaScript Standard Style — code linter and fixer using eslint under the hood. It’s easy way to ensure beauty and consistent code style for your projects. Just install and you can use it. No configs, simple rules, no semicolons. Writing a code without semicolons is a great. Now I often forget append its when edit an old project. I used eslint with airbnb style before, but they are excessively complicated than Standard.

    Standard example

  2. UpnpServer — minimal UPnP server. It’s open sourced. It has command-line interface and can share content to a lot of targets.

  3. Translate Shell — easy access to Google Translate, Yandex.Translate and Bing Translator from command-line.

    Translate a word

  4. Master Password — unique password generator. Passwords are created by reproducible algorithm and not stored to cloud or file system. It’s open sourced and targets almost all platforms. I use Google Passwords and iCloud Keychain before, but they are not enough securely.

  5. Firefox Focus — privacy-focused mobile browser from Mozilla. It blocks ads, analytics and social trackers. And works some faster than other mobile browsers. I recently use it as default mobile browser.