Andrey Polischuk

2018’s to-do

I think defining goals I want achieve it’s a good start to this year.

I didn’t set big goals for the past year. I used simple to-do lists with current tasks. I didn’t achieve great results. At the beginning of the year I wanted create my own blog, and I did it.

I like how Denys Dovhan sets public goals and summarizes every year.

A year later:
• ✅ Find a girlfriend (happy be with @marusia_18_)
• ❌ Get driver's license
• ✅ Organize a conference and meet-ups
• ✅ More talks at conferences
• ✅ More traveling

— Denys Dovhan (@denysdovhan) January 2, 2018

I think it’s a good practice and I want to try it this time. It seems to me that such a public contract with myself will force me work hard on what I planned.

Key points for this year

I’m going to spent more time for learning more basics such a algorithms, programming patterns, architecture, networks, os to improve my professional skills. I’m also want research crypto, p2p, decentralized web and related technologies more deeply.

One of the most important for me is a making a cool open-source, contributing to tools/apps I use. I think I should help great people who helps me everyday.

I plan write regular posts to blog and tweets about things I learned. I’m going to publish posts at least once a week. It will turn into another good habit.

I want improve my sleep to better health a little bit. Waking up at 6, going to sleep at 11. And I’ll do pushups. I don’t have some goals for it, I just want to try the hundred pushups again.

I hope I planned as much as I can do by the end of the year. Actually, now I have to do it. And I’m sure this year will be good. Thanks!