Andrey Polischuk

Frontend engineer, spa, infrastructure, open source, help to make things better. Find me on GitHub, Twitter or follow the RSS-feed.

2018’s to-do

I think defining goals I want achieve it’s a good start to this year.

Questions to ask before writing code

Do you everyday solve problems by writing code at your work? New features, bugs. Good, this questions for you.

How to load single-page app faster

We work on apps with a lot of JavaScript code, styles. We have the endless process of adding new features, pages, elements everyday. Gradually we have a problem when size and loading time of the our bundled code increases.

About to-do, schedule and planning

I don’t like a rigid planning. Caledars, reminders, scheduled events are not for me. But at the same time I want barely control things I want to do.

Protect the frontend

Modern web application uses a lot of resources: own scripts, styles, requests, url queries, external analytics, fonts and other stuff receiving from cdns. And each of them may be malicious under certain conditions.

Code without comments

Ideally code should be neat, clean and odorless. But in real world we everyday work with a mass of ugly and smelly commented code.

Personal should be a personal

We send messages by centralized messengers. We post thoughts by centralized blogs or socials. We sync personal photos by centralized clouds.

Latest tools

Sometimes I try to use new tools for experiment. And new are often better for me than old ones. Early I wrote about I started use Vim and still use it.

Why do I use Vim?

This article in vim
Vim is amazing. I use it to write code, text notes, check lists. I use it to write this article. I use Vim everytime and everywhere.

Webpack with nginx upstreams

Currently I work on project containing a lot of applications. Each of them has its own structure and development process. And all of these applications have some requirements for dev enviroment.

Entry point

I’m Andrey Polischuk, a frontend engineer. This site is my first try to write about tech things.