Andrey Polischuk

Frontend engineer, React, CSS in JS, infrastructure, help to make things better. Find me on GitHub, Twitter or follow the RSS-feed.

How to start using Gitlab CI

Quick start of testing, building and deploying packages or applications with the built-in CI.

2018’s to-do

I think defining goals I want achieve it’s a good start to this year.

Questions to ask before writing code

A few questions that you can ask yourself every time to avoid writing unnecessary code.

How to load single-page app faster

Yet another research about ways to slightly reduce size and loading time of the frontend applications.

About to-do, schedule and planning

Tips for simple following what you want to do. Without calendars, gtd, and other stuff.

Protect the frontend

Here I review the basics of security for web applications.

Code without comments

Let’s explain yourself in code without a bunch of comments. And that’s why.

Personal should be a personal

In this article I describe rules for keeping personal data for yourself.

Latest tools

Useful apps and tools that I found recently. JavaScript Standard Style, Firefox Focus, and some other.

Why do I use Vim?

This article in vim
My reasons why I preferred vim to other code editors such an atom and sublime.

Webpack with nginx upstreams

A simple guide to setup the dev environment using webpack with a nginx server.

Entry point

I’m Andrey Polischuk, a frontend engineer. This site is my first try to write about tech things.